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tv   Erick Stakelbeck on ISIS Exposed  CSPAN  April 26, 2015 9:30am-10:56am EDT

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states. [applause] >> i want to thank my good friend sarah stern. i consider sarah a modern-day deborah. i've said it before and i have to tell you the now meant i am here in the belly of the beast in washington d.c. i get to see what emmitt does a close with dust of close combat attire this work for israel, america and capitol hill were accounts and make a difference. everyone at home check out emet o. r. g. i have to give everyone credit for coming out tonight. there's easier war things and relaxing things to do after a long day of work and coming to hear about isis. god bless my wife and she is here someplace in the room. i see her in the back i think. we talk about the issue in the
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talk about isis. every night with my head hit the pillow fight in this book over a five-month span is very condensed it be thinking about isis and i have to share with someone. how about my significant other. beheadings, burnings, keeping the marriage together. i say lori, would you rather go or not know at the end of the day. she said i would rather know. but you are sleeping on the couch tonight. [laughter] without further ado, thank you so much for coming first of all. secondly, i want to take it in america. i want to focus on what sympathizers do. a lot of americans today i found out. the car -- unions are on the
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two. someone just texted me. the rest of it i am guilty of. the way you get people's attention in our great country is to make it real and immediate end to let them know it is in their backyard. a lot of times americans say why should i care about what happens in the middle east thousands of miles away. it doesn't affect me. i give you an example how it affects all of us in the united states. last month recently the fbi director james: they made a stunning statement. he said it now 50 u.s. states today we have a map work of isis supporters and sympathizers. the fbi director said in all 50 states in the union we have investigations ongoing right now into isis related out today.
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so folks what the fbi director was saying was the barbarians are not just advocate. they are inside the gates. we are going to get into that tonight. let's start with a quick overview of isis and the islamic state that has wreaked so much how to correct the middle east and throughout the world over the past year. the islamic state of iraq and syria controls found 35,000 square miles of territory in the very heart of the middle east. that is an area the size of great britain as sounding. 35,000 square miles in the middle of the middle east and they declared a caliphate, an islamic state. this is the great deeds of every islamic jihad is screwed from the muslim brotherhood to al qaeda to isis and so on and so
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on. they go about it in different ways. at the end of the day the endgame is the same. the caliphate and islamic sharia law for one and all weather you like it or not. so they declared a caliphate. it is made out more than a terrorist group that it has made them a global phenomenon. ladies and gentlemen come of this is not al qaeda or hamas and that is bad and lethal enough. isis again has declared a state in a pivotal part of the world. not only that 30,000 to 40,000 well-trained fanatical for poachers. recently they have a standing army@poachers. recently they have a standing army and their global. the cia director john brennan said recently isis recruits are coming from 90 countries around the world including the united states. american airstrikes have not
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stemmed the flow. the flow of jihadist from every corner of the globe continues. they are surfing through our friend and ally, turkey, many times. i say that with air quotes when i talk about turkey being a friend and ally of these days. but it's happening. this is a movement. jihadist around the world have been declared. here in the last in the united states, some 180 u.s. citizen have left their comfortable existence is in the most prosperous country in the history of the world. they have gone to the caliphate. some 3500 western europeans at least. the number is much higher. according to most estimates, 3500 western europeans, bread
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french german, sweet, jay have left the comfortable western europe and traveled to iraq and syria. ladies and gentlemen, and here's the key point about that and everyone watching in america, if they don't get killed waging jihadist overseas, one day they will return home. these are u.s. citizens, u.s. passport holders and when they return home sign off someone's head in the middle east will probably not transition peacefully back into daily life. maybe get a job at a gas station. no the jihadist will come here. isis right now is calling on followers to come to the caliphate established this utopian islamic society, but also a good thing if you stay
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put. in chicago new york, london, berlin, isis caused them city rules tell them to rise up on america's soil. you can be a one-man jihadist in your own backyard. citgo ford had. think of the boston bombings. think of paris in january 2015. n. perez, perfect example of what i'm talking about. two well armed jihadist brothers trained in yemen with al qaeda. they return home to friends and they wreaked havoc, killed 17 people. among the 17 was not coincidentally a number of jewish other jewish deli. they were targeted. make no mistake about it. it was not a coincidence.
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17 people killed by two well armed jihadist captured attention, dominated for the better part of a week inspired a massive anti-terror march in paris which presidential get. message sent. ladies and gentlemen, translate what happened in paris to american soil. do you really think it can't happen here? did we not see the boston bombings in may 2013. again brothers well armed, well-trained terrorists to a degree relatively amateurish. in all killed four people wounded over 200 more in again captured the global media cycle and even more importantly for us a major american city the city of boston was shut down for the better part of a week. two men were able to do that.
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ladies and gentlemen think of the mumbai attacks. in november 2008 they ruined a lot of thanksgivings that weekend would tend well-trained terrorists young. these guys were their early 20s mostly. even one in the late teens. had fanned out across the city of mumbai, one of the largest in the world. millions of people in india. and now with assault rifles and bombs in their backpacks and a week absolute habit. they laid siege to one of the world's largest cities. with the assault rifles and bombs and lay siege to one of the biggest cities for the better part of the week but the media cycle was completely dominated by this and they kill dozens and dozens of people. could you see that in god for
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bid middle america. that is the goal and i'm not an alarmist. i'm not a sensationalist. this is what isis is saying colin mcginn on americans to rise up. folks the game plan and a strategy outlined in the book is to turn the united states and western europe into guerrilla war zones where you are seen a ford had style attack a boston bombing attack, a paris style attack on american and european soil on a regular basis. and thing of that in october october 2014, a sequence of events in late september 2014. a sequence of events when an isis sympathizer in rural
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oklahoma of all places beheaded his coworker, a grandmother. now on his face the page in minutes online rating she spoke in favor of 9/11 pro-al qaeda pro-isis, pictured giving the one finger salute yet the fbi deemed it but face violence at the end of the day. sounds familiar. i believe something happened to fork out a few years ago. also a case of workplace violence so our government said. this poor woman, a grandmother in rural oklahoma was beheaded by an islamic radical and it went on in the ensuing weeks we saw in ottawa, canada 11 jihadist stormed the canadian parliament where the prime
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minister often is in canada. and then we had a hatchet willing jihadist madman isis sympathizer attack a group of new york city police officers with a hatchet. again, a city wolf. that was in the span of about three weeks in the fall of 2014. isis wants to create a situation on american soil, ladies and gentlemen, where you are looking over your shoulder. i give you a great example. in sydney, australia down under in september 2014 and isis plot was broken up, a plot devised by isis supporters. but they wanted to do was randomly kidnap someone off the streets of sydney, australia. some poor soul with a cup of coffee in the san joaquin should the bus doing his morning
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commute plan to kidnap him and saw his head off for her head off for the cameras. a great propaganda victory. thankfully it was broken up but again this is the definition of terror where you'd never know what is going to hate you, when it was hit you or who was going to hit you the rest assure when they do the u.k. will probably be shouting all the wok bar. by the way it doesn't take a brain surgeon to walk into a shopping mall and start firing. it really doesn't. if the fbi there, his words not mine, if he is saying we have a network of isis sympathizers and supporters in all 50 states including alaska and hawaii, we have serious trouble here. it's a big problem.
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i am not being an alarmist because i've done my homework. i've done the research. i've seen it with my own two eyes. you want to know about recruiting how they tracked americans. i have a chapter in the book called the islamic state of minnesota. kind of tongue-in-cheek, kind is not. i spent time on the ground in minnesota. in the frozen tundra of the upper midwest, a great place to live. a prosperous state, high quality of living. a beautiful place. the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul of all places have become jihads central in the united states. people at home minister and shake their head and say minnesota. i can see new york city chicago los angeles. minnesota? yes, minnesota.
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minnesota has the largest somali muslim population in all of north america. at least 100,000 muslims live in the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul. that is going to shock a lot of americans to hear that. not every somali is a terrorist obviously but we have a serious problem in that community in the united states the united states of islamic radicalism. dozens of muslims, u.s. citizens by the way who live in the twin cities have traveled overseas over the past few years and join terrorist groups like i says. more than any other state, city in the entire country minnesota and in particular the somali muslim population. the reason that alarms me is number one they may return home well trained fanatical. we had a thread a short time ago by a somali terror group called
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al-shabaab links to al qaeda, calling for attacks on the mall of america in minneapolis. the largest shopping mall in the country. if you have a large radicalized population living within the shadow of the shopping mall, you may have a problem. dozens. that is astounding. dozens of u.s. citizens in the same measure politan area have gone overseas to join terror groups. the worst of the worst, i says. that alarms me because it seems to be following the european model. i documented in the book the horrific problems in britain france, germany, sweden of all places. were a large number of months amid the grim are coming to
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these countries than they are not integrating and they are forming on the self segregating type societies. i know because i walked in this neighborhood and i documented the book is happening. the europeans have not encouraged assimilation. they've encourage multiculturalism a new arrivals to keep their culture. it sounds great in theory but impressed with its disastrous and if we go down that road in the united states, we have big problems. i'm not trying to paint a broad brush. i've met a lot of community leaders who have worked with me on this issue, giving me great information and walk me through was going on. if we have serious problems in the community assimilation and integration, we've got to be on top of it. we can't trust the people for the american community joining
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terror groups. we just can't. i spoke to a law enforcement source, very plugged in god on the ground, worked for years and years in the city of st. paul. i asked him how the recruitment process works. this is one of the most fascinating aspects of the book and frankly a chilling but eye-opening discussion. he told me this is how it works. a jihadist recruiter, usually a guy young enough that he can relate to teenagers. he can still relate to teenagers. they'll come into a mosque or iraq center 18 19-year-olds hanging out. and first will befriend them. then the radicalization process starts and the bill of goods these recruiters will sell a young kid in the united states is low if you come to the caliphate, if you come to the
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middle east be part of our vanguard of the new islamic empire you'll be a rockstar in the middle east. everyone will know your name. you will be a holy warrior to an 18 19 20-year-old kid fresh out of high school, might not have a job yet. can be an appealing message. it is working. it is resonating and the main way i says is doing this the on the ground aspect where the recruiter according to my sources in minnesota will actually take the kid brainwashed radicalized, make sure they get to the airport to make it to syria, make sure they have money in their pocket and make sure they are in contact with a fixed on the ground. usually in turkey and a transit
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through turkey into syria and are part of the blessed caliphate. holy warriors dedicated to destroying the country that gave them everything they were born and raised the united states. how is this happening other than on the ground? two words. social media. isis as i said in the beginning of our talk is a different beast to global phenomenon. ladies and gentlemen, the way they use social media is unprecedented. facebook, twitter, youtube, and sue graham. isis and supporters around the world send out nine each weeds per minute. that is astounding. their social media operations aren't run by westerners. in particular, one american who was raised in the boston massachusetts area of all places was a student at northwestern
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university. he now reportedly runs iss propaganda arm and a propaganda arm not only is targeted to social media obviously, but films, the power of film, a video. i say spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making slickly produced propaganda videos and they have the production values of a hollywood action flick in some cases. it is astounding if you look at the propaganda. folks, long gone are the days of osama bin laden and a kate standing against a green screen droning on in arabic for an hour. that is done. i says is on the cutting-edge in their westerners who control the propaganda arm and they know how to directly speak to a western english-speaking audience.
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they can reach out and touch them through the web and they are having a great effect. i think another aspect to this because we in this room and hopefully most people if not everyone at home sees what isis is doing. the barbaric savagery and we have repelled by it. this is evil. yes, evil exists. but there is a segment of people right now ladies and gentlemen, to see what isis is doing. beheading pillaging, enslaving and they are tracked it to it. in our culture over the past few decades we've had violent video games where kids are chopping heads in their bedroom. we have movies with glory horrific violence and realistic torture scenes in a lot of films
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and our kids are filling their heads with this. i believe that there is some desensitization going on. just chopping had. i did that last night. i'm not trying to be flip about it, but when your culture is poisonous with that kind of thing they are made for these times in many ways. medieval ideology and tactics whetted with 21st century technology. that is a lethal mix. and is highly effective. unprecedented really. so you have on the ground recruitment. you have online recruitment. i give you another chilling story about how the online recruitment works. one of the nastier side of isis obviously is the way they treat women. total subhuman oppression.
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yet in a strange way and on the flipside, we see more and more western women travel to serious and iraq to join isis. young girls as well as 14 15 years old from places like austria, britain france, germany, going to join this caliphate. i was stunned in the fall of 2014. if i reference the fall of 2014 a lot it is because that is when i wrote the bulk of the book. i was a very busy man. in the fall of 24 at teen i spoke at a large church, pro-israel church in the suburbs of denver, colorado. they told me a chilling tale. a few months ago you're writing a book about isis. boy do we have a story for you. a few months ago a woman was
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coming to her sunday services. dressed from head to toe in islamic garb. she was covered in shoot every sunday to this church with a large vibrant congregation and she would take note. she would walk around the church premises. she would spend a lot of time in the nursery according to the security team there the nursery where there's children dressed head to toe in islamic garb taking notes. after a few weeks of this it became a bit concerning. some of the churchgoers were a bit concerned, a bit uneasy. when they approached her nicely and that are you interested in becoming a christian? she said no i'm a muslim and i have no interest whatsoever in becoming a christian. the follow-up question is why are you here?
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and why are you taking notes in front of the nursery? eventually they asked her to leave. the church did. a few months later something stunning have been. this young girl was 19 years old, caucasian. shannon conway, an irish name i believe converted to islam, became radicalized online and was communicating with isis fighters online. she agreed to marry one and she was traveling to join them. she was arrested at denver international airport a few months after the church incident. she was arrested at denver international airport. she was on her way to join isis and marry a isis fighter. she is now serving four years in federal prison. we've seen many cases like that. a growing number of cases were isis assigning vulnerable girls on line.
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young girls. let me tell you how isis treats women. this is again a throwback to many centuries ago because when isis comes into a town, a village, a city and the vanquished people are there, it is pillaging. i documented in my book the horrific stories from first-hand accounts first-hand sources i've spoken to on the ground in iraq and superior in seeing how they treat the populations where women and children are beheaded. it is really happening. it's not hyperbole. no, it is really happening right now in real time. the isis has braunfels where they take christian women, religious minorities with a vanquished and turn them into
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sex slaves. worse still is at least one of the in morocco syria is run by british women. god save the queen. british women running a isis brothel where when isis fighters, off the battlefield they have sex slaves literally. i don't use that term late fee. sex slaves waiting for them. this is happening. right now. one more thing i have to mention about the u.s. threat before i move on a bit. the southern border. i've been told it's slightly porous. one of the most chilling conversations i had in the book was with reformers cia clandestine services officer. this is a hard-core guide who's worked in hotspots around the world for 30 years.
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he said eric, the thing that keeps me up at night is the possibility that a isis jihadist will smugly chemical or biological agent across the southern border. folks we can practically have a neon sign flashing jihadist welcome at our southern border. it is that appealing. it is that enticing. if we are shaking our heads about it isis is nodding their heads about it. they see their team and a half years after 9/11 and we still secure borders. in a free democracy if you refuse to secure borders. you can't do it. so what are we doing about this thread is a country i've laid out a pretty dire set of circumstances for you. somebody's got to say it. this is happening.
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if not us, who and if not now when? what are we doing about it? it's not going very well, folks. let's start with president obama. ..
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and, folks, almost simultaneously a wave of suicide bombings again. assassinations of iraqi leaders began. terror attacks on iraqi soil begin. al-qaeda in iraq rose again like jihadi vampires. and the attacks began on iraqis will. and they spread their tentacles next-door into syria come to the advantage of the civil war there. and it eventually became the beast we have today, isis, the islamic state in iraq and syria. president obama gets his intelligence ports across his desk every morning. he was warned by bipartisan whether military officials diplomats. he was warned that iraq was unraveling here he was warned.
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yet our president in january 2014 goes on national television and compares isis to a jv team. a jv team of terrorism. pretty much waves them off, shrug the shoulders, no big deal. just a minor nuisance. that minor nuisance right now covers 35,000 square miles of territory in the heart of the middle east and rules over some 8 million unfortunate souls. that's the new jv team. they are the richest terrorist movement in history. they had a standing army practically. they have a state. jv. you thought it might get better after mosul, iraq's second largest city was seized by isis. you thought we might get the memo and turn this thing around. hasn't gone that way. didn't limited airstrikes which
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have had some effect, by the way but they are limited. and worst of all folks, is president obama's refusal to acknowledge the enemy. packets to the heart of the matter. i'm not trying to be a hyper partisan. it is what it is. and what it is is a refusal to even utter the words radical islam or jihadists. you can't beat the enemy you can't identify the enemy. you can't do it. obviously not every muslim is a terrorist. we know that but obviously there is a slice of islam right now, a growing slice any significant slice that are jihadists. who want global domination.
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that's not alarmism. it's not racism or start typing on some on the left would have us believe. it's a fact that if you're truly moderate muslim you admit that. daniel pipes is a guy i respect a lot. he says some 10 to 15% of the world muslims are radicalize jihadists. that's at least welcome 160 170 million people around the world. a lot of people. it's not a tiny minority of extremists, and we have to acknowledge that it exists global jihadists movement exists that has declared war on the united states. it's not just a criminal action or a nuisance that can be shrugged off and handled in federal courts. it's a war and were not on war footing. president obama gave a speech recently saying the islamists have quote legitimate
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grievances. legitimate grievances. look, there's a lack of economic opportunity in the muslim world. and the lack of economic opportunity is driving terrorism and fueling the rise of isis. so i suppose the next big government program will be jobs for jihadists. natural conclusion. look at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen, key take away from this talk, terrorism is a tactic. it is fueled at the end of the day not by poverty, but by ideology. ideology fuels the global jihad. it goes without saying that osama bin laden came from a multimillionaire family. ayman al-zawahiri the current leader came from a prominent egyptian family and he is a doctor, medical doctor. many hamas leaders from
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prominent families, well-educated. the most brotherhood they look like me. suits, ties western educated. these are not some poor street urchins on the street corner out of the charles dickens novel. in america and the west in general, europe, america we have that medical students business majors kids and early 20s, late teens, not kids, young men and young women the affluent suburban communities right here in the west join isis. not because of poverty or lack of opportunity, but because of ideology. and isis success breeds attraction. so if you want to know how we are doing against isis we can't
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even call them who they are. this is the equivalent of during world war ii not being able to call hitler and his hordes nazis, or not being able to call the soviet communists. it's insane. and, folks, let me tell you everywhere from morocco to tehran to gaza the jihadists here to president and his administration parsing their words and holding back and they laugh. they laugh. the islamic state is not islamic? we literally have administration officials playing armchair in moms and telling the muslim world what is and wasn't sure what isn't islamist. it boggles the mind but it's happening. and in terms of fighting isis in the middle east we apparently believe now and i hate to pile
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on, but this needs to be piled on about because it's that bad. we definitely believe now as our government that iran can be used as an ally and a counterweight to isis. folks, let's get one thing clear. iran has been the head of the global terrorist snake for 36 years. whether it's hamas, hezbollah palestinian islamic jihad and in some cases al-qaeda iran has fueled and derivatives global jihad. yes, iran and isis are fighting each other right now in syria and iraq. why? not because iran is suddenly some friend to the united states and the west. that because iran has reformed its ideology. not because they changed their spots but because iran and isis wants the same thing. they both want to dominate the region.
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and laid the global jihad. it's that simple. yes, there's a shia-sunni divide, of course. she is and sunnis are killing each other across the middle east, but when it comes to killing christians and jews shia and sunni terror groups get along just fine. isis and iran right now are battling each other for regional supremacy. iran now controls for arab capitals. they're not only in tehran, iran and its proxies control so not in yemen, beirut in lebanon damascus in syria, baghdad and iraq. these are becoming iranian satellites. they are increasing their influence across the region. and they're very close to a nuclear weapon and rabbinic over backwards to cut a deal. to the point where it is shameful as an american. i will be honest, to see our government how tale to a
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terrorist regime -- kowtow. we live in a world turned upside down when our administration reportedly is talking about sanction israel, reportedly, yet wants to lift sanctions on iran. we are in a world today where everything that's good is evil and everything that is evil is good. iran is striving for a nuclear weapon, and apparently the west is going to accept it. why should every american care about iran acquiring a nuclear weapon? why should i don't watching at home to about a nuclear-armed iran? again, it's over there. why should we worry? is thousands of miles away. well, in addition to working on developing nuclear weapons, iran is developing intercontinental ballistic missiles icbms
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that could reach the east coast of the united states. not me saying it. our own pentagon released a report either 2012 or 2013 saying that very soon iran may have these long range intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the east coast of the united states washington, d.c. new york city, philadelphia. why would they do that? why would iran want missiles i can reach the united states? why would they do that? they are our friend. they are our ally. peace in our time is at hand. the deal is coming. why would they want missiles that could reach the united states? and why would they refuse, as part of his grand the nuclear negotiations with the iranians, why would they refuse to give up that missile program? that's off the table. they won't even talk about the long range missile program. why?
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why aren't we pressing them on it? there's only one reason that you develop icbms to mount them with a nuclear warhead. only one reason. iran considers the united states the great satan. the iranian regime, they call israel the little satan. israel is a bump on the road to the ultimate prize the united states. now, if anyone watching thinks that god forbid if iran got its wish is a white israel off the map, if that happened does anyone at home or in this room really think that iran would just pack up its bags and say mission accomplished your know. where would they go next? israel is the first line of defense for western civilization. and folks come if israel goes
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down, eventually we all go down. don't kid yourself. the iranian supreme leader, our partner for peace, recently called recently called for death to america as these nuclear negotiations are ongoing. the leader of a band is calling for death to america. what are we doing? the president of iran hassan rouhani, said that these nuclear negotiations with the west are a form of diplomatic jihad. by jihad he didn't mean spiritual the yoda i can assure you. what are we doing? so let iran and isis fight it out but please, don't call iran an ally. don't do it. don't try to recast history current and former, and to meet
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his regime has changed its spots. ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to iran when it comes to isis which is the subject of our talk, when it comes to this global jihad, this is a winston churchill moment. think back to the late 1930s early 1940s winston churchill saw the gathering storm of nazi germany marching across europe. he called it for what it was and he knew what to do about it. he was bold, he was courageous. by the way, winston churchill also saw the iron curtain this indigo from eastern europe. he called it for what it was. today the only world leader that i see who sees the gathering storm of radical islam, a global jihad, is the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu.
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[applause] he knows the enemy. the first rule of war is know your enemy. he knows the enemy. i believe he knows what to do about the enemy. yet just like churchill in the '30s and '40s, netanyahu is being ridiculed shunned, and marginalized by western leaders who don't have the backbone to confront this existential threat, and don't like it is and do what needs to be done. so what needs to be done next i've spent this evening laying out a pretty dire set of circumstances for you. as i said, the barbarians are not just at the gates. they are inside the gates. is not fear mongering. i've laid it out for you. i've laid out in the book and i
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footnoted copiously in the book. i've done my homework. i'm not just in an air-conditioned think tank in d.c. i'm getting on the ground. i'm talking to people. what do we do? number one speaking to military strategists pretty extensively about this isis threat. all of them shared a common theme. we can't get the isis -- there's one of them right there. tell him i said hello. i will acknowledge them in the book. we can't get the isis through airstrikes alone. can't be done. you need some sort of ground presence. now, president obama says again and again the american people have no stomach for war. that may be true but let me say something about the american people. you lay out the case for them about an existential threat gathering at their doorstep that could kill their kids and
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their grandkids, all of the sudden their stomach will perk up. the american people have not changed, and if a threat is gathering we want to confront it head-on. and i'll tell you what. we need to do to isis and this isn't simplistic and it's not tried out my safest what we did to the german war machine and the japanese war machine during world war ii, crushed them. isis has declared a state in the heart of the middle east, i count eight with 30-40,000-foot soldiers. we know where they are. we know their de facto capital is in syria. crush them. they are evil, and if they had the way they would take all of our heads off, and they would take our kids and grandkids with them. that's not hyperbole. when someone tells you they want
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to kill you, you should believe them and take them at their word. i believe isis when they say they want to kill me and cause chaos and havoc and bloodshed in my country. crush them now before it gets bigger because ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you right now, not only is isis recruited from around the world but they are establishing satellites throughout the middle east and north africa. pakistan and afghanistan, we see isis presents. in algeria libya, in egypt's sinai peninsula. in nigeria, in the former boko haram, a vicious, savage terrorist organization which has pledged allegiance to isis. this thing is growing, ladies and gentlemen. geographically its growing. the movement is gaining momentum. crush it now. crush it. and when you crush it, you will demoralize the global movement. you will strike a blow against
10:19 am
the grand caliphate. you will strike a blow against the ideology. the ideology will survive but man, it will take a major hit. it will take a major hit. this does not require a heavy u.s. footprint. think back to 2001. think of u.s. special forces, the cia on the ground in afghanistan working with the northern alliance. they routed the taliban. we can do the same thing, folks, today in iraq and syria. we have the kurds who are fierce fighters courageous, and pro-americans begging for our assistance. begging for leadership from the leader of the free world. maybe a few weapons. since isis is using us-made weapons that they seized from the iraqi military. the kurds, we have a syrian
10:20 am
christians, we had some moderate iraqis tribes who are all being enslaved and killed. they want to fight. they want to get rid of isis. they are begging for our assistance. we won't take the lead. doesn't take a heavy u.s. footprint. again, afghanistan 2001. it wasn't brain surgery. we got the job done. we can do that today i believe. we need to do it because this thing is going to metastasize and it is as we speak. it's not alarmism. it's reality. no one wants to be in the middle east obviously when he a threat is gathering that seeks to destroy america it must be dealt with. that used to be our philosophy. it affects all of us. one thing smashed the caliphate. smash it. militarily. isis is not an 800-pound
10:21 am
gorilla. a formidable foe yes come in the middle east, but when the u.s. military put their minds to something, they take your business. they need the political will to get this thing done. i believe if president obama laid out a compelling case to the american people about why we need it some ground presence in iraq and syria right now and why we needed to snuff out this movement, crushed now, i believe the american people would rally behind him. i don't think it's going to happen though, folks. i don't think much is going to change before 2016. i hate to be a pessimist. don't worry, i will end on an optimistic note, but i'm a realist. what would also be a beautiful think what you also don't think it's going to happen would be to see a true movement of anti-jihad muslims, truly moderate muslims who don't want sharia, who don't want jihad, would be a great thing. we should have a movement
10:22 am
globally right now of millions of muslims marching against isis, marching against jihad. we should do a million muslim march on the national mall. guess what? we are not seeing it. even after nine 9/11, paris, ottawa, madrid london, the rise of isis we are not seeing you. i don't think we'll see. we will see. if we have exceeded by that i don't know we will see anytime soon. what more will it take? we've seen courageous individuals speak out, without a doubt. arranges individual muslims have spoken out against isis at great risk to their lives and their families lives. and the book i edited one in the boston massachusetts, area who came into the room, and i joked around with them. i said you look like clint eastwood. had a poncho on, a disguise over his face the widebrimmed hat. andy seth i can't show my face on camera, i'll be killed. this is boston, massachusetts, that liberal bastion of america. there's a fear factor there.
10:23 am
in many cases. bottom line is it's not happening. if muslims themselves are not going to deal with this problem within, then we need to deal with it. because it's targeting us. at the end of the day for average americans, just closing here, then we'll take q&a for average americans, i told you what the government needs to do what probably will not do. but average americans need to get a few things. number one stand for. they don't have to be a foreign policy expert but you owe it to yourself, your kids and grandkids to take 10 minutes a day, follow along what's going on in the world. after 9/11 there's no excuse. there really isn't. be a winner. number two, get with like-minded people. joint in it join with him, the endowment for middle east truth
10:24 am
get with organizations like us who care about this issue, what you like the tea the tea party, whether you hate the tea party. look, we can all agree. they made a difference. they made their voices heard. it was a bunch of like-minded folks who got together on particular issues mostly economic issue. let me tell you this issue of radical islam and jihad to me as a much more pressing and important issue. a movement that opposes radical islam, that supports israel. get with it. get with that kind of movement. get with like-minded people. the bad guys used social media. we can use social media to get with like-minded folks. vote. that's very simple. and we take it for granted in our country many times. vote. someone, you don't reckon about it with someone on this issue how they are handling this issue, vote them out. .com i work in washington, d.c.,
10:25 am
the belly of the beast, and i can tell you when you flood their offices with phone calls and letters guess what? a listen. they want to be reelected. they listen to their constituents. you can make your voice heard in that way. i'm telling you what you can do it at the end of the day, pray. at the end of the day, i believe that in this case and in every case i think that prayer works. take it from a guy who spent five months with isis steadying isis, researching isis, writing about isis. pray. i know this was a heavy message tonight, but speaking of brain i'm going to reference the bible. very dangerous thing to do it in the washington, d.c. area at times, but it never stopped me before. the bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. okay, we are equipped now. we have the knowledge.
10:26 am
now what are we going to do about it? i challenge you and everyone watching at home to be watching and and watch women on the wall for such a time as of this. again, if not us who? these are the times. thank you very much. thank you again to sarah, image. god bless you, thank you. thank you. [applause] >> i have a question about the military. obama has given pink slips to over 200 military colonels and generals end up. these decimated the military top brass. many of them the active including dempsey, has said we are not sure we can defend the united states if we are in more than one war. some of the retired military have spoken out on fox and other venues. where are the active joint
10:27 am
chiefs of staff, dempsey and so forth? they don't believe what obama is doing. i know they want to reserve their jobs but why are these really incredibly talented accomplished professionals not speaking out? one of them -- none of them are speaking out at the top ranks. >> i can't speak for them but is it a case outcome will come they want to preserve the jobs in some cases? perhaps. also in some cases is it that maybe they ideologically don't see isis as a massive threat that it is. there could be a number of factors here. again, i can get inside their heads and i can't read their minds about why they are not speaking out. can't do it for some the statements that have been made have alarmed me. in terms of downplaying come in our military brass as well come in terms of downplaying the threat, and isis does not a
10:28 am
major threat that it is. i can't speak for them, to be honest with you and i haven't editedinterviewed any of the military current brass extensively, but it's something they have to enter because we are not getting it done. >> given that the state the isis the way you explained it i mean i did realize it was that pervasive, why hasn't there been a major attack? are they waiting for some other good moment? i mean, you know, are they taking advantage of the next 22 months or so when they can keep developing under the radar? what's your theory? >> not for lack of effort, number one. think of the underwear bomber in 2000 i think of the times square bomber. the bomb didn't go off the we've had some luck. at the end of the day come and coming this close we've had great law enforcement and intelligence work. without a doubt. god bless our agents, our law enforcement officers in the field.
10:29 am
they have broken up many many plots on u.s. soil. dozens. we got great law enforcement intelligence work. we've had some luck. but isis is a different beast. and their pervasiveness now in the u.s. and the porousness, if that's a word, of the southern border. i think is a very, makes american even more inviting target. a new strategy of course isis wants to talk 9/11, without a doubt. isis come al-qaeda, all of them would love to pull off the next 9/11 but in the meantime the strategy are these low-tech self-starter style attacks where you are a one man or a one woman jihad. death by a thousand cuts. death by a thousand cuts. chip away. and if you carry out these kind of attacks can each avoid this countries economy, a country's psyche. i should mention in my talk i'll say real quick here
10:30 am
al-qaeda in 2000 released, not released publicly but they put together a 20 year plan. the plan ended in the year 2020 and it has seven phases. the fifth phase between the years 2012-2016 called for the establishment of the caliphate. al-qaeda said they wanted the caliphate between 2012-2016. guess what happened in 2014? i caliphate was declared by isis, right on course. now the next phase between 2016-2020 is what al-qaeda called total confrontation and remember isis came out of al-qaeda. 2016-2020 total confrontation. so if isis has a network of supporters and sympathizers throughout the west come if they are gaining new affiliates throughout north africa and middle east, gaining more geographical ground in the east
10:31 am
and if we refuse to confront them, they will confront us. total confrontation. seems to me that the plan is working out pretty well for them. >> if you talk about the situation with the gains that relates to isis because i know that gadhafi had ties to the chicago semi-muslim gangs back in the '90s. >> there's definitely number one americans have been arrested who are in prison now who wanted to go overseas and joint isis sympathize with isis. they could be a problem if it into the prison population. we've had a long run you over the past few decades of inmates in american prisons converting to islam and becoming radicalized. that the document at the absolutely. with isis doing what it's doing making such a big splash on the world stage and doing it in such an audacious way absolutely. people in prison, that's going
10:32 am
to connect without all the people in prison but radicals outside of prison. what they're doing is connecting with people in a major way and the prison population we've had cases where muslim brotherhood connected individuals have served as present imams and chaplains. so you have a fox guarding the henhouse in many ways. i remain highly, highly concerned about the american prison population and the possibility of further radicalization there. that's a great question. >> do you know how to been any actual documented -- >> i don't know of any concrete cases. i don't know of any concrete -- isis active in u.s. prisons but definitely something to watch for because there is a history there. for sure. >> hey, erick. thank you. you talked about how iran is now dominating capitals in countries around the middle east from damascus to beirut, their own country, tehran and baghdad and now yemen.
10:33 am
and we know that in that region the only territory so far conquered or targeted by i.s. belongs to those iranian puppets. so to what extent would you help iran to hang onto its puppets by going after i.s., or how would you reach a post there? because anything we do to diminish i.s. help iran which wants to demonstrate it has a nuclear weapon was solidified its control over that, its hegemony over the region. >> i think it's two sides of the same coin. i believe yes, we must deal with isis because isis is showing a willingness and a desire to strike us here. so i think they have to be dealt with. i believe with a terror. i believe when a caregroup cometary movement or state, a terror state expresses a desire or willingness and the ability
10:34 am
to strike the training, i believe we have to do it. but on the flipside i've lived also need to deal with iran. as i mentioned earlier iran is the head of a terrorist state as a matter fact iran is a greater long-term threat, no doubt, that isis. because of an work of sympathizers and supporters, a long-term if iran gets the bomb all bets are off. they will use it. ideology demands that the use of the bomb, so i would deal with both. i'm not the president i'm not a military strategist but as a relatively informed american i hope, deal with ideas deal with isis come with iran by any means necessary. cannot allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. weapon. sounds maybe sadistic but we don't want to stuff out the islamic state as you said own tab iran benefit. i believe you to deal with both squeezed both. perhaps you do with the islamic state first and then you turn your sites to iran. i'm not calling for perpetual war in the middle east but look,
10:35 am
there are entities and states and groups right now operating in the middle east to want to kill us and do great harm to us. i believe we need to deal with them and deal with them forcefully. [inaudible] twenty-one of the most brilliant speeches i've ever heard. i followed you every single day day in and day out. >> i have to come here more often. [laughter] [inaudible] 1995 -- [inaudible] may be they will remember that 9/11, unfortunately that's is going to have to happen. but i'm sure he didn't do it on purpose but you must mention that the barack hussein emmett nation didn't order to move iran and hezbollah from the terrorist list as they no longer pose a
10:36 am
threat to the kind of america. spent yesterday thank you for bringing that up. that was stunning but coming from this administration, not stone. it was a stunning at all spent that's why the barack hussein administration because unfortunately they say something pretty radical. i really believe -- [inaudible] >> i agree. >> and the more people are talking who are working interested in know this actually -- [inaudible] >> would talk about iran and hezbollah being removed from the chair lift and that i can assure you was not an oversight of the not mentioning it. [inaudible] >> right, but iran and hezbollah recently been removed from the u.s. terror list now --
10:37 am
>> the obama administration from the obama administration says they no longer pose a threat and they're changing their spots in essence. iran and hezbollah can be used against jihadists like isis. that's basically official government policy right now. again, iran is ahead of the state. israeli prime minister netanyahu laid it out in such a forceful eloquent compelling manner on capitol hill. there's not much i can say that he didn't say already. he laid it out. the case is laid out years ago about this regime. the same mullahs who took over in 1979 are there today and their offspring. so hezbollah is an arm of the iranian regime, a creation of the iranian regime your and by the wacom something we did talk about what it would require a whole other talk is up and hezbollah's presence here in the western hemisphere. iran has its tentacles about
10:38 am
south america, central america. hezbollah operatives have been arrested in the united states. why, again why would a ban and hezbollah want a president in the western hemisphere? why would they want intercontinental ballistic missiles? because they made us great harm at the end of the day. if they get the means to do it they would use it. look, it doesn't have to be conventional firing off a missile, intercontinental. it doesn't have to be that way. there's anyways iran can strike the united states. and hezbollah to its proxy, construct the united states. we have the possibility of a electromagnetic pulse, and emp attack, which iran has studied and tested. many possibilities. none of them good. >> do you tell in your book how this ideological and it has infiltrated our education system, especially at the higher levels? >> yes spent also down to the california school-age children who are having to pretend --
10:39 am
[inaudible] how can we topple so the intellectual minds, our young minds are not fooled by this? >> there's two things i really wanted to do in the book. number one, you have a short amount of time. you're on a deadline. get a condensed period of time and it's amazing you want to get in there. the two things i really wanted to get in their art number one the islamist influence in the education system. that's one of the things i want to get into, especially in the universities. and number two, which i want to mention the quick before come back to the education system, isis believe in islamic prophecy. the islamic prophecy angle i think is fascinating. isis police right now these are the last days and that they are the guardians the great warriors of the caliphate and of the apocalypse. and they believe there will be a showdown with the west in series one day, according to their
10:40 am
interpretation of islamic prophecy. isis believes that the last days are at hand. they are the vanguard of islam, and they will lead the armies of islam to victory over the west in a climactic battle will occur in syria were isis controls one-third of the country right now. once -- wanted to get in the book but since i didn't i'm getting a document. when you look into the ideology it's an apocalyptic, prophetic ideology focus on armageddon, just as the iranian ideology by the way. different interpretations from the two sides but same in game. the jihadists when and we die. the education system, the universities have become a cauldron, number one for rampant, vicious anti-semitism. the american university system,
10:41 am
it exists in our greatest institutions of higher learning by the way. not just some backwoods school, division one excellent schools. specifically in the you see the california system. have begun have become open hotbeds for anti-semitism. dot dot dot we have professors who are -- not only that we have professors who are anti-american but the main thing on college campuses is islamic radicalism in many cases. a group of together in particular, the muslim students association, the msa. the muslim brotherhood connected group, radical group present on hundreds of college campuses come excuse to come across the united states and canada. and while some students association. so big problem in the education system. some of our textbooks at the secondary and high school level are whitewashing islamic conquest in islamic history.
10:42 am
so a major problem but maybe for another book. i have stunned you all into silence at this point. >> pakistan is to go weapons. so does what used to be the soviet union, now russia. marc stein in his book america alone, says the russian army by think 2016 will be more than 50% muslim. and pakistan may be friendly with us today but all you need is i don't want to say regime change but just a new row at the top and i think there will one day be as bad as iran. is there anything being done along the lines of keeping an eye on pakistan after nuclear weapons? >> there is. i mean, there is but we've shown in certain countries in the middle east and north africa and the muslim world that when a regime is going to topple, we are not going to do much maybe to stand in the way or to assist
10:43 am
the more democracy might forces. and pakistan to me is one of the top three most dangerous issues right now. because the imminent possibility for the past several years, he continues that jihadists could overthrow the pakistani regime and get all of those nuclear weapons. and then look we're talking iran. he already had the islamic bomb in pakistan. and if jihadists cease pakistan, all bets are off. to me it's a massive threat a cauldron. of course, we're keeping tabs on it at the governmental level. i can't speak from firsthand experience but i would hope we're keeping tabs on. but if the region is going to fall the obama administration has seen various regimes fall come and islam is come to power and gain strength whether it's libya, yemen, egypt and they do nothing to stop it. so i do have great confidence that we would do anything to
10:44 am
stop the regime falling in pakistan. i'm concerned about another thing to mention a quick, saudi arabia, jordan, egypt. are we going, i mean, saudi arabia right now is building a fence across its northern border with iraq to keep out of isis. iran and isis are encircling saudi arabia and all that oil. they are encircling jordan encircling israel, of course. what are we going to do? a few years ago i would say we will never let jordan or saudi arabia fall, never. we have to me interested, oil everything else. with the way things have been going the past six years, expect the unexpected in the middle east and in the muslim world. nothing is off the table. inside the beltway they won't tell you that but i'm a board inside the beltway but i'm not of the beltway. i will tell become the beltway style thinking man, has gotten us in a pretty dastardly place right in the middle east.
10:45 am
and general sees in egypt it must be mentioned, we're talking about looking for moderate muslim leaders to speak out, this is the one guy right now. king abdullah has had his backup after the jordanian pilate was horrifically burned a general sees he is a guy going out on a limb. he standing in egypt on new year's day calling for a reformation in islam. before a room full of imams and sheikhs. that's a bold. that's courageous. a few days later he goes into a coptic church for the coptic christmas eve celebration and stands with coptic priests and says, we are all egyptians. note egyptian president has ever done that. going into a church like that publicly, boldly. is gone on record time and time again. he is a man who was crushed for now the muslim brotherhood in
10:46 am
egypt largely. eastside isis in the sinai peninsula, fighting al-qaeda a strong relationship with visual and is cracking down on hamas tunnel. this is the kind of guy he's a practicing muzzle. we should be rallied around him. you're not going to get any better in egypt. thomas jefferson is not turning around the corner in cairo. you will not have a jeffersonian democrat in egypt. but what you do right now is a guy who opposes jihad, who is a good relationship with israel and is friendly to america. yet we are isolating him, shutting him enemy to in my view, if the obama administration in a perfect world the obama administration would like to see mohamed morsi back in power. i say that without hesitation. if you basically we had a muslim brotherhood contingent at the state department. the muslim brother, the granddaddy of all islamic terrorist groups. folks, we would not be having this conversation about isis if
10:47 am
it were not for the muslim brotherhood. isis cannot of al-qaeda which came out of the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood is the granddaddy of them all. it spawned al-qaeda, hamas. it's the original modern islamic terrorist group. yet they are now, along with iran, our friends, and we have been at the state department. and at the state department we have a muslim brotherhood delegation some of them holding up the muslim brotherhood four fingered salute to isis has the one finger. the brotherhood holds up four fingers at the state department or a terrorist group identified as such by saudi arabia egypt and other middle eastern countries. the muslim brotherhood are terrorists in suits. same minigame so as isis come as i mentioned earlier. tactics are different at the molson brotherhood are like termites. they burrow into a host society and to eat away at it from within. isis wants to chop your head off
10:48 am
now, kill you know. they make no bones about it. the brotherhood is much more savvy, much more eloquent much more stealthy. same minigame. two legs of the jihad a violent jihad, isis and the stealth jihad, the molson brotherhood. i don't how i got off on that tangent but it needed to be said. molson brotherhood, not our friends. >> i dislike barack hussein obama as much of anybody else but he's a fish that floats in the sea that we all live in. fact of the matter is that he could and never gotten the nomination, he could never do what he's doing now except for the rest of the democratic party. hillary clinton was no better on the muslim brotherhood than barack obama. and in our own area we have a congressman who feeds the state
10:49 am
department and is just one of them who is endorsed by the jewish -- [inaudible] and is voted for by all our friends and neighbors come and nobody says anything. we all say it's barack hussein obama. no, it's chris van hollen, to come and it's the people who vote for chris van hollen. that's our friends and neighbors. to our people, and i look to the more religious synagogue that vote straight obama, then home. you cannot talk to them. the reason they get away with that is because we still treat them like friends and neighbors. we think that's a legitimate point of view. that's not a legitimate point of view if you are a jew. and we don't, we don't act on that basis. >> did you have a question? any more questions?
10:50 am
>> in light of what happened with north korea and sony records and all that come wondering about hacking computers, hacking the state department at all that come the armed forces, and also the second question is i know that isis is very well-funded. could you speak to where some of those funds come from? >> two great questions. number one with isis and the cyber jihad. look, these are guys who i mentioned earlier are very savvy with technology, with immediate come ambiguity cyber hacking team, as isis. there have been consistent reports that they're trying to hack into the personal information of u.s. military personnel and u.s. law enforcement. to me that's a very very scary thing. they've actually published addresses of u.s. soldiers on the web. are they the real addresses old addresses? not quite clear that the intent is thereby isis absolutely to hack into sensitive, not only sensitive economic kind of
10:51 am
sites but also into the personal lives of u.s. soldiers. because at the end of the day you've got remember, why would they target u.s. soldiers? because they view, to the jihad is, they view the u.s. soldiers as a tip of the crusaders spirit. we are the crusaders and their eyes, the modern-day crusaders, the defenders of the cross as baghdad, the isis leader has called america. they believe we are the modern-day crusaders and the crusader army is epitomized by the u.s. military so every, not every time that many many times when she's isis plot broken up they are targeting u.s. military installations. when they're broken up in the west. mini med time targeting american soldiers and in the cyber room as well. i forget the second part of your question. i'm sure it was profound. funding, it is profound. of the ways. money makes the world go around
10:52 am makes the jihad go around. private donors from the persian gulf region, saudi arabia the emirates, et cetera. private, wealthy donors are there who are sympathetic to the jihad pouring money into iraq and syria into the isis coffers to another way is by looting antiquity to remember, this is a heartland of the bible where jonah was jonas team a the propagandist jim and iraq and in some parts of syria have some biblical significance. what isis is doing they are going to museums. they will seize antiquities and sell the another thing they are doing is just good old-fashioned pillaging. when they conquered them also the second largest city in iraq, they conquered the central bank of mosul. and at least $400 million isis took from the conquest. then you the illicit oil trade with isis has conquered oil fields.
10:53 am
they have seize oilfields in iraq into syria and they are selling some of that oil on the black market in the middle east in turkey, syria lebanon iraq, iran. according to some accounts they are making two to $3 million a day in his illicit oil trade. so lots of different kinds of revenue streams coming. youyou see the town, you see the village, you make them pay tribute, and you levy exorbitant taxes, especially on non-muslims. you levy exorbitant tax on them as well. the multiple revenue streams without a doubt. >> need to wrap it up speak with yes. first of all i can't thank you enough. >> thank you. thank all of you. >> thank all of you for coming. erick stakelbeck is an incredible friend. he is the voice of intellectual courage and moral integrity end of the truth.
10:54 am
i'm honored and privileged to be his friend. [applause] >> thank you. >> you are watching booktv on c-span2 come edges look at our primetime lineup for tonight.
10:55 am
>> they tried to portray it as a pilate group but it has a lot to do with trends in the region. the trends i talked about, another trend is our young people when they revolted against the government, they revolted against to give its -- elites. isis is about rebellion against political elites. it's very anticlerical innocents. it's against the authority. people use a the word to describe the attitudes of young people, which is -- rejection of intellectual monopoly or intellectual mandate or intellectual control. so when anyone tries to message against


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